Samantha David, writer

Author Samantha David writes intelligent contemporary fiction about women, their families and men they can't live without. Her writing is wise, funny and affectionate.

The world she creates is quirky and bohemian, filled with artists and musicians striving to express themselves.

Samantha grew up in London, surrounded by poets, film-makers and political activists.

She has worked as an actress, musician, singer, and was a journalist for many years, contributing articles to the BBC, Channel 4, Euronews TV and writing for publications including The Guardian, The Times, and the FT. She writes regularly for The Connexion.

Born in the UK, she has lived in France and Belgium, and worked in Germany, Holland and Greece. She has travelled widely in Europe, Russia, the US and Africa.

She relishes the absurd, and says there's nothing better than hearing someone crack up at a joke she wrote. Reading her novels, you soon realise that some of the funniest and most endearing characters are in fact animals; dogs, cats, horses, a donkey and even a parrot.

As an avid reader in French and in English, she was thrilled to be asked to translate the new Angelique books.
She lives in France with her family and a menagerie of animals.

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Reviews for I Married a Pirate:

"A rip-roaring ride. Huge fun and a really interesting new voice." Katie Fforde

"Pure joy. This unlikely romance between the phlegmatic Camilla and her atypical pirate lover sizzles from start to finish." Trisha Ashley

"A swashbuckling lesson to us all... Samantha David got me hook, line and sinker." Guardian Abroad

"An excellent read... I couldn't put it down. I heartily recommend you get a
copy" Expats Radio

Reviews for In the Doghouse:

Light-hearted Fun
Verified Purchase

I very much enjoy Samantha David’s quirky take on modern romance and find myself
in total sympathy with the main character. Altogether, satisfying and delicious.

A blend of humour, romance and fun
Verified Purchase

Another quirky and very humorous book from this author who manages to find a subtle balance of romance, eccentricity and humour that makes this a very difficult book to put down. I found myself reading whenever I had a few minutes to spare and laughed out loud on many occasions as the plot developed. Just the right amount of escapism and fun.

Reviews for On Golden Sand:

Another Winner
Verified Purchase

Enjoyed the characters and quirky humor. Found myself laughing out loud while reading. A thoroughly enjoyable, escapist indulgence.

Reviews for Living with Spies:

Delightful Fun
Verified Purchase

Read this delightfully fun offering from Samantha David from front to back in a one day session. Highly recommended for a lazy afternoon, vacation indulgence, or well, just anytime.

A humorous and fun read
Verified Purchase

A wonderful read, an excellent balance of intrigue, eccentricity and humour. A plot of mild espionage, family life and romantic fantasy, cleverly combined into a very humorous plot which kept me enrolled from the start to the finish. I found myself
smiling the whole time and I couldn't put it down.