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Dogs and Leads 

      I've heard it so many times: "Oh my dog doesn't need a

lead, he's so reliable I never bother with one."

      Oh really?  Who are you kidding?  The prime cause

of road accidents involving dogs is not putting them on

a lead.  The fact is that even the most sensible,

sedate dog cannot be 100% trusted.  For starters, show me the male dog who can resist the scent of a bitch in heat.  I've never known one who wouldn't risk death-by-juggernaut on the off-chance of a little romance.

      As for bitches, pull the other one.  If Dolly

saw a sausage (or a chicken) hanging about on the other side of the road, she'd be off like a shot.  Granted it isn't every day that you come across chickens or sausages wandering about the High Street, but you never know.

      Which is why, although Dolly's lead dangles slack

from my wrist as she trots along the pavement at my

heels, I wouldn't dream of taking her out without

putting her collar and lead on.

      Which saved her bacon yesterday.  An enormous Baskerville-type dog leapt out from the garage with death in her eye.  I don't know why she took such an instant dislike to Dolly.  There are some mysteries too deep to fathom.  I just heard this roaring sound, spun around and saw this monster coming for us.  Terrified, Dolly tried to slip her collar but luckily, couldn't do it. 

      If she'd managed to run away my guess is that

she'd have been overtaken in an instant and become

Hound-Dinner.  Grabbing her by the collar, I snatched

her into my arms and started shouting.  As for the

lead - swung menacing in our attacker's face, it was a

very handy deterrent until the Hound-dog's owner came

on the scene. 

      And if you're still not convinced, then I'll just

add this warning.  If only my friend's beautifully-trained,

perfectly-mannered, gorgeous GSD had been on a lead last winter, it wouldn't be hopping about on three legs this spring.

      So don't be tempted.  However much it seems like a

waste of time, put your dog on a lead.  Every time.

Click, clunk.

      End of lecture! 




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